Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Route R - temporarily reduced frequency

Acoording to a report in the Cambridge News, service frequency on Route R,  between the railway station and Trumpington Park & Ride, is to be temporarily reduced from 17 October. This service has to turn round at the station, and the turning circle is being moved (or, possibly, removed), one consequence being that Route R services will have to venture out on to Station Road and Hills Road, with all that this means for journey times and (un)reliable timekeeping. So the service will operate on a 30-minute frequency, instead of the current 15 (this is, of course, only a peak-hour route, Mon-Fri).

All the partners involved are reported to be committed to restoring the original service "in the New Year".

There's no news of this change as yet on the Stagecoach website.

Friday, 9 September 2016

More Closures 10/11 September

Further partial closures of the Maintenance Track are scheduled for this weekend. But there is conflicting information.

Sign at Park Road Histon
The above photo taken about 19:00 on Fri 9th - but there were no closures of any sign of work having been done.

Sign at Longstanton

And this one at Longstanton shortly afterwards.

Swavesey Parish Council website reports:

"To undertake defect works on the Busway and urgent tree works between Oakington and Park Lane Histon, the Busway and maintenance track will be closed this weekend between Longstanton and Park Lane, Histon, from Midnight Fri 9th Sept to 5am Mon 12th Sept."

Whippet report:
Busway C on Saturday 10 September and Sunday 11 September 2016Due to engineering works, Busway buses will be unable to use parts of the track over the weekend as follows:
Longstanton Park & Ride – on Saturday and Sunday, buses will use the bus stops adjacent to the car parking, not the usual stops.
Oakington – on Saturday, buses will not be able to use the normal stops on The Busway. Buses will instead use bus stops on Cambridge Road. Click on the image below to see a map.
And Stagecoach report:

09 Sep 2016 to 11 Sep 2016

Due to engineering works taking place, Busway A and B services will be disrupted on Saturday 10th September and Sunday 11th September

Longstanton Park and Ride - Saturday and Sunday
Please note on both dates the A and B services will be unable to use the normal platforms at Longstanton Park and Ride. Please use the Citi 5 stop at the site which is located adjacent to the Car Park.

Oakington Busway Stops - Saturday only
On SATURDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER ONLY the A and B will be unable to serve the Oakington Busway stops.
Customers are advised to use the stops in the village on Cambridge Road, near the junction of Dry Drayton Road instead.
Buses towards Cambridge will use the same stop as the Citi 6 does towards Cambridge. Buses towards St. Ives will use the stop opposite.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Further Busway closures this weekend.

Thanks to James for commenting in the last post about Swavesey to Longstanton maintenance track being closed this weekend.

Sign at Swavesey bus stop today.

The busway website says that the busway itself will also be closed "to undertake maintenance work", and buses will not therefore be passing the Swavesey bus stops, but will use alternative stops nearby in Over Road.

The Whippet site has the same information here describing the reason as "engineering works".

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Partial closure/diversion this weekend

Stagecoach report that the Busway track will be closed between St Ives and Swavesey this weekend - Saturday and Sunday, 27-28 August. Buses will use the authorised diversionary route between the St Ives Park and Ride and the Swavesey Buway stop (i.e. the A1096, A14, and the village road from the Trinity Foot through Swavesey - and reverse for services heading towards St Ives). Fen Drayton Lakes stop will not be served during this period.

I've been unable to find any announcement about this on the County Council's Busway site. And a technical glitch means that it seems to be the case that you can only find it on the Stagecoach website if you're using a mobile device (running Android? or perhaps it's only visible to Chrome users? or something...). I was at St Ives Station Road and FenDrayton stops yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) and there was nothing to warn of this imminent diversion. Not exactly great customer service!

Thanks to Simon Norton for spotting this.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Greenery (again)

Less than four weeks ago this blog carried comments by Paul Verbinnen on verge cutting along one section of the busway, the destruction of wildflowers and the lack of litter collection before any cutting took place.

Elsewhere, though, it's a lack of maintenance which has been causing problems. The Cambridge News reports the views of regular cyclist David Palmer that the rural cycle routes leading into the city are in a dreadful state. Included in his criticisms are the Busway between Histon and Oakington (Mr Palmer is a Histon resident), where overhanging brambles “pose a risk at face level" and weeds obscure the ground-level reflectors (something, without undertaking any research whatsoever, I seem to recall someone on this blog - or in the Comments - anticipating would be a problem when they were first installed).

Follow this link for the full story.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

New bus stop for Houghton village

After coming off the guided busway at St Ives, Stagecoach's route B heads towards Huntingdon. But it doesn't stop at the sizeable village of Houghton & Wyton (population around 2000) because there is no bus stop on the main road that skirts the village.

An article in the Hunts Post (3 August 2016, page 19) reveals that a long campaign by the Houghton & Wyton Parish Council may be about to bear fruit. Cambridgeshire County Council has now agreed, in principle, to fund a pair of bus stop and a pedestrian crossing to allow bus passengers to cross the A1123 safely. The crossing will also improve access to a local cemetery and make it easier for vehicles exiting from the village onto the main road.